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Do you want to be ahead in life?

I do not yet know why you are here. What is certain is that there are forces greater than us, influencing our every single day.

Vedic BEACON is made to reveal some of these forces. With it, you will see what energies are at play during a particular day.

Using our free will, we are shaping our own lives, and it is only up to us what road we decide to take. However if we work in sync with the universe, our efforts will have a bigger impact.

You are ahead

You believe in astrology? This is as easy as it gets

Behind the scenes Vedic BEACON is complex. Some might say, it is very complex.

But what you will use is extremely simple.

Our lives are complicated enough: this application will distill you the key message, clear as day.

So simple

This is ancient knowledge

Vedic BEACON is based on astrological systems and calculations which go back thousands and thousands of years. They endured the test of time and are here with us in the XXI. century.

There is a good reason. These ideas work. Smart people used them through the centuries to reach their goal faster and to live their lives to the fullest.

How about saving your valuable time by doing important activities once? But let's say 10% of effort is saved. How much is that in a month, or a year?

Ancient knowledge


Have you noticed that on some days, everything just works, but on others you need twice as much effort to accomplish anything?
One day everything fits together perfectly, on others, things just does not add up?

Vedic BEACON is about exposing this.

Now does this mean you have to always wait for the right moment? No.
Does this mean that this is for everyone? No.
However, when you are open for it and it makes sense, working in sync with life, works really well.

Using this ancient method, you can plan important life events such as:
Signing contracts
Starting a new company
Buying a car
When to start a significant trip
When to board a plane... name it, there are right and wrong moments to start anything.

Vedic BEACON is here to make this simple, so
you can also save time and effort.

My passion is to share this with you.

I KNOW this works.

I use it every day.



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Your entry to the knowledge: indicator of very good and very bad days, what individual days hold, and more.



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Customized to you. Extended with the effects of the Moon called: Chandrabala and Tarabala. Chandrabala and Tarabala calculations are based on your birth horoscope.



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More detailed and in-depth analysis of astrological indicators and concepts. For those with curious minds.



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Vedic BEACON's exclusive version with the ability to view dates from 1900 to 2100.


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