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2018/07/17 18:48:54, CEST



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Helps you go with the flow of life

Vedic BEACON is a forecasting tool based on vedic astrology (muhurta). With it we can see what qualities individual days hold.

Using our free will, we are shaping our own lives, and it is only up to us what road we decide to take. However if we work in sync with a current day's energies, our efforts can have a bigger impact, or they may become easier.

Go with the Flow

Every day is different: quick, aggressive, easy.

Your day is defined by many factors: your mood, your state of health, the amount of sleep you had, etc. . Along with these, the effect of the stars are there too, and they influence you and the above factors as well, more than we realize.

If we have a way to see the influence of these energies, our day will be more effective.

Happy or Rainy?

Your guiding light: every day

Vedic BEACON help you to be prepared for an important event. It matters what day we choose for a wedding, or signing a contract with far reaching consequences.

Along with that it is useful to have a better picture about individual days: on an aggressive day we need more patience, so we don't hurt anyone, or to remain diplomatic when dealing with workplace matters.

Beacon in the night





A well rounded and easy to use package, complete with everything you need: qualities of the days, list of very good and very bad days(siddha, mritju), sunrise-sunset, new and full Moon dates, and more.

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Everything the STANDARD package has extended with the effects of the Moon on you (Chandra and Tarabala). Customized to the individual, this package calulates from your birth horoscope how your days are influenced by the closest celestial body, which has profound effects on our lives.

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Comes with all STANDARD and INFORMED packages offer plus important technial informations for aspiring and current vedic astrologers.

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Vedic BEACON's every function, extended with the ability to view dates from 1900 to 2100.

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Standard Informed Astrologer Unlimited
Siddha/Mritju YES YES YES YES
Quality of days YES YES YES YES
Chandra/Tara Bala NO YES YES YES
Tithis, nakshatras and many more NO NO YES YES
Detailed calendar icons NO NO YES YES
Analysis of current moment NO NO YES YES
Technical data NO NO YES YES
Detailed breakdown of the day NO NO YES YES
NEW! - Search functionality NO NO YES YES
Dates between 1900 and 2099 NO NO NO YES


Standard Informed Astrologer Unlimited

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