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Day of the week: Wednesday()

Nakshatra at sunrise: 24. Shatabhisha ()

Tithi at sunrise: 4. Krishna Chaturthi ()

Do you want to be ahead in life?

I am glad that you are here! I do not yet know why, but I am sure it is no accident. There are forces all around us, influencing our lives every single day.

Vedic BEACON is created to reveal some of these forces. With it, you will see what energies are at play during a particular day.

Using our free will, we are shaping our own lives, and it is only up to us what road we decide to take. However, if we work in sync with the universe, our efforts will have a bigger impact.

You are ahead

You believe in astrology? This is as easy as it gets

Behind the scenes Vedic BEACON is complex. Some might say, it is very complex.

But what you will use is very simple.

Our lives are complicated enough: this application will give you the key message, clear as day.

So simple

This is ancient knowledge

Vedic BEACON is based on astrological systems and calculations which go back thousands of years. They endured the test of time and are here with us in the XXI. century.

There is a good reason. They work. Smart people used them through centuries to reach their goals faster and to live their lives to the fullest.

Ancient knowledge

But why Vedic BEACON?

Have you noticed that on certain days, everything just works, but on others you need twice as much effort to accomplish your goals?
One day everything fits together perfectly, the other day, things just do not add up?

I have made Vedic BEACON to help forecasting such qualities of days using astrology.

Ever since I discovered astrology I was fascinated by it, and with the help of my mentor Adam Baktai, I had the chance to learn Vedic astrology in particular. Then I thought it would be a good idea to put this knowledge into an automated system and share it on the internet.

But ok, so does this mean you have to always wait for the right moment? Of course not.
However if we are open to such things and we understand that things are interconnected, maybe we can work together with the universe a bit better.

And if you run a business or any project, would it be helpful to you to sign a huge contract on the right day, so everything flows as clockwork, instead of fighting a barrage of unexpected obstacles, draining your and your team's energies which are better spent elsewhere?
And maybe you have no choice and you need to start something on a given day, but would it put you ahead of the pack if you knew when can you expect extra resistance?

What I am saying is with Vedic BEACON we can plan important life events such as:
Signing contracts
Starting a new company
Buying a property, or a new car
When to start a significant trip
When to board that plane for that trip... name it, there are right and wrong moments to start almost anything.

Vedic BEACON is here to make this simple, so
you can also save time and make things easier.

I am so happy to share this with you, because I know it works.

We use it daily with family and friends.



My story

I have started my Vedic astrology studies in 2014, and it was like I was always meant to do this. I felt the connection from the beginning and it is part of me today, every moment I spend with astrology and analyzing horoscopes is a gift. My mentor is Adam Baktai, who practices Vedic astrology over 20 years now. He is also a yoga teacher and an ayurvedic healer. He have studied in an Indian monastery for 10 years, and he is learning ever since (you can read more about Adam here). I have started to attend Adam's lectures and have finished his beginner and advanced astrology courses in 2014 and 2015. During that time and ever since I study the books of B.V. Raman and K.N. Rao, while I keep my learning up with analyzing birth horoscopes. Also, I study the website of Barbara Pijan Lama (, and often consult it for guidance. I use Parashara's Light ( for astrological readings.

If you want to discuss Vedic astrology, let's connect!

Vedic BEACON is labor of love from the very beginning. It is started as a calculation tool in a spreadsheet during my Vedic astrology studies. Later, more and more of my fellow astrology student friends asked about it and wanted to use it too, so it has grown into a web application what you can see today.

I believe in free will, and that whatever you put your energy in will sooner or later manifest in your life. However, I also believe starting important activities at the right moment can make (sometimes a huge) difference.

Why do I like Vedic BEACON ?

"Vedic BEACON, I just LOVE it. This is a much-needed application for those who would like to live their life in mindfulness, using the vedic principles. The application really helps a lot in planning my trips and running my company in the most effective way. I always use it and because I love gadgets, I can synchronize it with the calendar on my devices, LUCKILY it really integrated into my life. Thank you Adam, for gifting us with this XXI. century ancient wonder! Namaste"


Malas handcrafted with love

"I have been an active and grateful user and fan of VedicBeacon. I think it is an incredible and simple tool for day-to-day use if you are interested in astrology and looking for regular input into your daily life. Consulting an expert in astrology is time and money consuming, Vedic Beacon has been an incredibly useful tool for me to help making simple decisions such as when to schedule important or new meetings, and which days to avoid when things are more likely to go wrong at each turn. It has proven to be accurate and so useful to me countless times I can only praise and recommend it. Lots of details for experts in this area, but it's simple enough for common use. Start exploring!! It is worth it!"


Premium quality ayurvedic products straight from India

"Why do I love so much? Because I just love it. If I would need to summarize it, it is clear, easy to use, it has the most important information and it is accurate. It helps with my vedic astrology calculations. It is very hard to express this in a few sentences, so I have decided to write as it comes, and then you can distill the jist of it, and naturally I am PROUD to have my every word published with my full name!
As a Vedic Astrology Student - I have been learning this for 6-7 years now - I use VedicBEACON daily, what kind of day it is and the next week brings. Since your website exists, it is a lot easier and faster. For example on more "mixed" days I make an effort to reorganize my tasks: move more important meetings to days when I have the support of the Planets. For Muhurta (finding auspicious moments) all this information is essential, which makes finding the right moment more accurate. The change of Nakshatras and Tithis is just a glance, I don't need to calculate them. When I am making talismans I start with VedicBEACON at the planning phase, so everything can start with the best possible way. Regarding vedic holidays, even with my "western mind", I love these rituals, and I follow them whenever I can. I simply love this page. Right after waking up I already looking at what is "expected" regarding the constellations for the coming day. If you are even just slightly interested in astrology, or vastu, this page is a must! Thank you for putting it together, and for making it better day by day."


Vedic Astrologer

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Your entry to the knowledge: indicator of very good and very bad days and what individual days hold.


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Customized to your birth horoscope. Extended with the effects of the Moon and a lot more.


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Vedic BEACON's exclusive version with the ability to view dates from 1900 to 2100.


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Comparing subscriptions

Standard Connected Unlimited
Quality of days
Chandra/Tara Bala
Tithis, nakshatras and many more
Detailed calendar icons
Analysis of current moment
Technical data
Detailed breakdown of the day
Search functionality
Dates between 1900 and 2099


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