Cookie Policy Information

Privacy matters, but it can be confusing. This page explains our approach to privacy on all our Vedic BEACON websites and how it affects you.

Short version

These are just the key points. If you need details, keep reading.

Long version

Upon your fist visit to the webpages of Vedic BEACON (, from now on referred as website or webpage) if you accept automatically - whether your browser settings allow -, or after your explicit consent, the webpages can store information from your computer or your device used for browsing (e.g. tablet, smartphone, etc. from now on referred as device). This is achieved with the use of "cookies" or similar programs.

A cookie is a file which can be saved to your device, when a visitor opens a webpage. The cookies have multiple functions and can be used for various tasks including:

Generally, the cookies and similar programs are making the use of a webpage easier. They enhance the visitor's web browsing experience; make sure that the webpage is a valuable information source. They ensure that the webpage's owner can check the webpage's performance; they help the owner in protecting the visitors and themselves from fraud, and cookies play an important role in facilitating the services provided by the website.

Enabling and accepting cookies is voluntary. You have the possibility to block cookies via your device's, or your browser's settings, but in such cases you won't be able to use all functions and services of our webpages, and Vedic BEACON won't be able to guarantee you a full user experience.

With cookies we collect and manage the following information from yourself and your device: We would like to inform you that cookies by themselves are not capable of identifying the individual who is visiting the website.

The stored data can only be accessed by the administrators of the webpages for the reasons stated above. Transferring these data is only allowed in cases described by law (e.g. criminal prosecution, national security) to personnel authorized by law. Furthermore the stored and anonymous data can be used for statistical purposes.

Cases when Vedic BEACON can use cookies and other similar programs:

Some of these cookies are absolutely necessary for users to browse our webpages and fully utilize their functions and services. These are the so called session cookies, which enable saving data about the state of a certain operation of a function or service among other things. These cookies are only valid for the given visit and after the session ends these cookies will be automatically deleted, if set so in the browser.

The other types of cookies are enhancing the use of the websites and are persistent cookies. These enable to save data given by our visitors (e.g. user name for web shop access) so they don't need to be entered every time a returning user visits the webpage. These cookies will stay on the visitor's device until the visitor decides to delete them.

The so called performance cookies are used to collect anonymous information regarding how our visitors use our websites. These cookies collect information like, which page or subpage has been visited, what was clicked on, how many pages or subpages were visited, how long one such visit took, etc. . The goal of this is to collect information so we can ensure a high quality user experience, and to enhance our webpages based on user needs.

The goal of third party cookies - which can be added by us or our advertisement partners - are to place targeted advertisements based on user preference, and based on what our users deem important. We can also use these cookies to measure the success of our advertisement campaigns. These cookies cannot identify the individuals visiting the page or subpages, they only collect behaviors, like what was opened, how long a particular page was visited, etc. .

The webpages also utilize tracking cookies on your device in case your browser settings allow. These cookies enable us to track how you use the webpages and also monitor the response in case we send you an electronic email. This in turn makes it possible for us to send you relevant advertisements, or to enable third party websites to show you relevant advertisements, and also to send you newsletters or reminders.

On the webpages there are links from and to external servers and/or webpages, which are independent from Vedic BEACON. These links have the possibility to transfer user data because of the nature of the connection, however Vedic BEACON has no control whatsoever on these data collections, and as so Vedic BEACON cannot take any responsibility for them. External providers also can use so called web beacons to measure user behavior, and to support advertisements.

Third party cookies and similar programs used by our webpages: You can read more about the privacy policy of Google advertisements here. Further information about cookies for Google Analytics is here. More information about cookies and their usage can be found here. Details on how web beacons work are described here.

If you would like to adjust the behavior of cookies on your device, or if you wish to block cookies altogether, you can easily do that, since every browser is capable to do so.

We would like to remind you however, that the primary reason for using cookies is ensure a high quality user experience. By blocking or deleting cookies, it is possible that the webpages will not function as intended on your device.

If you would like to know more about how to set the preferences for cookies, please consult your browser's help. Here you can find the cookie setting guides for 3 popular browsers:

Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge